A box trucking business takes advantage of the versatility and freedom to run loads without much downtime and without needing to obtain a commercial driver’s license. The keys to success are the ability to find the most profitable loads, a knack for coordinating trips, and a proficiency to stay on top of the endless paperwork. For many small and medium box truck businesses, this feels like a never ending juggling act that doesn’t pay off as much as it can.

Honest Box Truck Dispatching

Many box truck businesses have told us that one of the reasons truckers may not trust box truck dispatch services is because it can be hard to know whether they are getting the straight goods. Maybe they have felt taken in by a dispatch service’s pitch only to find themselves still struggling. Others didn’t realize they had agreed to take any load the service offered to them. There’s a reason all these businesses rely on Logity Dispatch.

Saving You Time, Money, and Hassle for Your Box Truck Business


  • We would never force clients to accept loads.
  • We would always give clients the unadorned truth and reasonable expectations.
  • We would work hard to find the most lucrative loads and negotiate for the best prices.
  • We would support our clients by taking on any and all the different tasks that prevented them from concentrating on their most important function: making deliveries smartly and on time.
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